Metamoris-3: The Winner? JIU-JITSU


Metamoris-3, unlike most events, actually lived up to the hype!  Even in spite of Vinny Magalhaes dropping out of the Keenan match in the final hours before the match reportedly due to a staph infection.  Every fight had it’s moments of excitement and we were spared another Brendan Schaub debacle. It seemed as if every fighter brought their “A-game” and no one was really playing for the “a draw is win” strategy.  The Eddie Bravo versus Royler Gracie could possibly go down as one of the greatest rematches in our sports history.  This match could have gone many ways.  Think about it for a second:  They could’ve both ran out of gas early and laid on each other the whole time?  Royler could’ve killed Eddie as most people assumed would happen…hell even Eddie didn’t sound all the confident in interviews leading up to the event.  

Wondering how I will react…when it all goes down…am I going to go out there and just perform?  Am I going to go there and be so nervous that I gas out…I get butterflies just thinking about which one of those dudes is going to show up.”  -Eddie Bravo

It could’ve been a terrible match – BUT IT WASN’T!  It was truly the Sephan Bonnar / Forrest Griffin match for BJJ! (That TUF Finale in April of 2005 is often sighted as the fight that saved MMA)  

Was this the match that saved Metamoris?  Perhaps…time will tell!

What did Metamoris-3 prove?  We saw some of the best BJJ players on the planet really put it all on the line.  We saw two middle aged men, who defy age, put on a show that will not soon be forgotten!   Will Eddie Bravo and Royler do it again?  That’s an interesting question that will probably be answered by both combatants in the weeks and months to come.  So who was the real winner at Metamoris-3?  Jiu-Jitsu!  It amazing to see the sport we love grow to the point where we get to see such an amazing rematch right from the comfort of our home.  Was the event perfect?  Of course not…but kudos to Metamoris for putting together a great event. Will Metamoris do it again?  For the sake of the sport and the fans, let’s hope so!


Zak Maxwell vs. Sean Roberts – Roberts came out strong attacking from his very tricky guard with his signature ulmaplata / triangle game.  Maxwell did an amazing job countering Roberts attacks.  Maxwell would eventually pass guard and mount.  The match goes the full 20-minutes with a draw.  Maxwell looked very tough.

Keenan Cornelius vs. Kevin Casey – Casey an MMA fighter and Rickson Gracie black belt reportedly took the match on thirty minutes notice.  Casey came out strong with a nice outside leg trip on Keenan.  Once Keenan found his rhythm it was over quick with a takedown, guard pass and eventual very quick tap with a heel hook from 50/50.

Rafael Mendes vs. Clark Gracie – Both guys immediatley go to double guard pull with Raf going right to work on his berimbolo attacks almost securing the back in the opening minutes.  Raf pretty much sticks to his berimbolo strategy for the entire match.  This strategy almost worked as Clark was in trouble a few times but did a great job defending the back takes.  The match goes twenty minutes to a draw.  (It should be noted that Gracie outweighed Mendes by almost 30 lbs.)  Clark clearly did his homework, and did a great job shutting down the “berimbolo king”.

Dean Lister vs. Renato Sobral – This was a great match between two former MMA fighters.  Lister looked massive compared to Sobral.  Most people had Lister ending this one quickly with a foot-lock.  Sobral would prove to be a tough nut to crack…escaping one foot-lock after another from the alway amazing Lister.  Sobral did a great job neutralizing every attack from lister and never really finding himself in all that much danger.  The exciting match went to a draw.  Will be interesting to see if Renato continues this venture into submission wrestling.  

Gui Mendes vs Samir Chantre – Mendes looked imposing in an all black gi with a very focused look on his face.  The second the match began it was all business for Mendes.  He immediately pulls guard, reverses, passes to side control and finishes with a beautiful baseball bat choke in just under six minutes into the match.  Mendes wins via submission.

Main Event:  Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie

What can I say…it was an amazing match that, if you haven’t seen, you should watch and draw your own conclusions.

What did it ultimately prove?  Two 40+ guys can put on an amazing show.  It wasn’t a fluke in 2003.  


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