2014 BJJ Pan Am’s: How the Black Belt’s “Panned”



























Here’s a quick summary of how the black belt divisions “panned” out (sorry about the pun) at this year’s BJJ Pan Am’s:  

Rooster Weight:  1.  Joao Rodrigues  2.  Milton Bastos

Light Feather Weight: 1. Paulo Miyao  2. Joao Miyao

Feather: 1. Mario Reis  2. Gianni Grippo

Middle: 1. Leandro Lo  2. Otavio Sousa

Middle Weight: 1. Gustavo Campos  2. Keenan Cornelius

Heavy Weight: 1. Yuri  Simoes  2.  Lucas Leite

Super Heavy Weight: 1. Luiz Panza  2. Bernardo Faria

Ultra Heavy Weight: 1. Andre Galvao  2.  Alexander Trans

Open Weight:  1.  Andre Galvao  2. Leandro Lo  3.  Alexander Trans 3.  Felipe Pena




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